About Me

Welcome to my blog.

As a mostly introverted person, I tend to gravitate towards writing as a way to express myself. Interestingly, I am choosing to do this in a very public way. I want to challenge my idea of what are considered private versus public thoughts, challenge my perception of myself, and hopefully challenge the reader as far what is considered normal.

Three things I probably love talking about most are gender, sexuality and sports.

As of this post, I would define myself as a 28 year old female, single, black, curly-haired, never-had-a-boyfriend, heterosexual-but-debatable, feminist, rum ‘n’ coke guzzling, sports-nut.


2 responses to “About Me

  • jstwndrng

    Hi TBiHH,

    I wanted to thank you for stopping over at my blog and “liking” my post. After reading this and a few of your recent posts, I feel even more honored because in the post that you “liked”, I wrote “I’m lucky I’m married”. Reading your opinions here, I’m convinced that you were either too lazy to rant on a stranger’s blog or you’re a very open minded person with a sense of grace and humor about people. Me: male, really white, suburban, not much into sports, not into alcohol, way into marriage and our marriage has some pretty traditional elements to it, and she took my last name. You: female, black, urbane if not urban, sports nut, drinker, anti-marriage feminist. And you came over and “liked” my post. It’s really sweet. Your differing preferences and opinions and outlook would be welcome over “at my joint.”

    I like your writing. Honest. Relevant.


    • tomboyinhighheels

      What a great comment! And thanks for taking the time to thank me! Quite awesome.

      I liked the blog because it was very well written and reflective. And as you now know, I’m not just a nut about sports but I love discussing gender ideology and socialization. The idea of bending to a new way of thinking is what was really appealing to me. And the tenderness you evoked in your post is something anyone would want in a relationship – be it marriage or otherwise.

      Your welcome here anytime as well.


      P.S: I moved to the city from the suburbs last year, so I definitely am urban – and LOVING it. Not sure how I survived out there so long :)

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